List of Vetted Charities helping Puerto Rico

PRMU’s goal is to connect people and share valid information that helps Puerto Rico in its recovery. With that in mind, we have developed a list of vetted charitable organizations where you can donate. This is not an exhaustive list or an endorsement of any particular organization. We used information from independent charity watchdog sites such as Charity NavigatorBBB Wise Giving Alliance and Charity Watch , which rate how well a charity manages its resources and delivers the help it promises, as well as information received from authorities about the most efficient way to support recovery.
Vetted List of Charities
  1. Americares  
  2. Center for a New Economy / Centro Para Una Nueva Economia  
  3. Fondos Unidos de Puerto Rico (United Way of Puerto Rico)  
  4. Global Giving 
  5. Heart to Heart International  
  6. International Medical Corps 
  7. International Relief Teams  
  8. Medshare 
  9. Operation USA 
  10. Project Hope 
  11. Red Cross / Cruz Roja 
  12. Save the Children 
While it’s important that the majority of your donated dollar goes to direct support if an organization says 100% of your donation will go to those in need, ask questions. A certain amount of overhead is necessary to make sure an organization has the infrastructure and expertise to deliver help in what can be a chaotic environment after a disaster. There are many requests for help after a disaster. Unfortunately, some of these are fraudulent. Even some that are well-intentioned can cause additional problems if logistics and distribution are poorly planned.