Announcing Christmas $5 Project!

It is day 78 after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and we've been on this road for 77 days.  The work of PRMU was born from a desire to help everyone traverse through a horrific event that left us unable to speak to our loved ones and unable to help our beloved island.

Through the days that sometimes feel like years, the face of our group has changed.  To be "Neighbors helping neighbors" we've had to adapt to the ever-changing situation.  Today our group is composed of over 250,000 people with a common goal and a variety of initiatives to tackle it.  Today our community is composed of people focused on efforts from calls to elected officials, to education in the community, work with boots on the ground, education to people on the mainland, etc.

Throughout this time, we have learned some lessons, among them, that while collecting donations for people in Puerto Rico in the mainland is easy, having those donations reach the communities that most need them has been nothing short of a nightmare.  The days turn into months and the supply chain problem hasn't improved much but the PRMU community doesn't let adversity defeat it.  You can't be neighbors helping neighbors if you do nothing.

With the intention to bring happiness, toys, food, water, and smiles to our Puerto Rican neighbors, we have launched a Christmas campaign.  The idea is simple and follows the guidelines and values that have made PRMU what it is today: Crowdsourcing. 

YOU, reading this.. YOU donate $5 and tell everyone you can about this campaign and ask them to donate $5.  Tell them about how this initiative is working with a certified 501(c)3 who will look after the money used and will facilitate us some help via some of the benefits they have as a non-profit. All donations are managed through youcaring to ensure security of your sensitive info.

Tell your friends that with 250,000 members in the community and the help from everyone, $5 will be a significant enough sum of money to really make a difference here.  Explain to them that we will be working with groups that are already in Puerto Rico doing the work with the remote communities, and that we will work through people in the PRMU community itself to reach the communities they care about and provide provisions to those groups.  If they don't believe you, challenge them to bet $5 on this initiative.  If they are tired of donating, invite them to donate a dollar, 5 days in a row.  If they still aren't interested, make a bet.. YOU donate $5 for them, if we do what we say we'll do, your friend owes you $10. ;)

Thank you for your help with this and watch this space and the donation page for updates on what we do with your help!